Merry Christmas from Camelot Castle!

This year has been a spectacular year for Camelot Castle and the positive Influence that we have been able to exert across the world internationally and in several countries of the world has been felt by millions and and is greater than ever before.

We would like to thank each and everyone of our friends who has been helping us and who has helped forward Camelot Castle’s core message of Friendship and the ending of unjust wars, with everyone around the world.

When you make your Christmas and New Years Wishes this year with your family do please consider the idea articulated below.
We hope to welcome you to Camelot Castle again very soon. Please keep in touch.

Merry Christmas.
John, Irina, Caspian and Ted.

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The very simple idea :







If there was one idea that truly filled any sane thinking human being with HOPE in all countries around the world during the 2015-16 US election campaign it WAS AND STILL IS the very simple concept and idea, that under a Trump Presidency there was true and a very real hope that Putin and Trump as the leaders of RUSSIA and THE USA could begin to establish a friendship that would allow a constructive relationship to blossom between both the leadership and the people of two of the most powerful countries in the world.

The mere hope and glimmer of that possibility ignited and mobilised some of the brightest minds across a vast spectrum of political participants who decided to help ensure that the world did have that exact opportunity.

Here in England and in the USA, our MSM media did an “excellent” and highly effective hatchet job, due to their masterful weaponised media cohorts and black propaganda operatives, who were mobilised, some knowingly and some unknowingly, to counter the Trump campaign from its inception.

As usual the usual suspects were recruited in their surrogate roles by the international cabal of war profiteers.

They had one mission “DESTROY TRUMP.”

The standard propaganda and media weaponry and tools were rolled out and brought to bear as an attempt to create a completely false impression in the international media and minds of voters of Donald Trump as a Presidential Candidate and the future 45th President of the United States.

But interestingly, even the most cynical and brainwashed by the media, opponents of Trump, even at the hight of such propaganda attacks would often concede that despite all the media implanted misgivings about a future President Trump, that the idea that Trump might actually GET ON with Putin and with the people of RUSSIA…..WAS in fact a GOOD and and WONDERFUL idea.

There was a freshness and hopefulness in peoples communication on that one issue. It was as if the whole world innately sensed the survival potential of that very simple concept of FRIENDSHIP. A fresh start to a productive RUSSIA – USA RELATIONSHIP.

What if we COULD be FRIENDS WITH RUSSIA? Was the hope that lit the lamp of love in hearts and minds worldwide.

A few days before the election it became crystal clear to the voters that had been paying close attention and that were deeply involved in the Trump election campaign that Clinton’s inability to deal with Putin was a very serious threat and danger to humanity.

The BBC and mainstream outlets started to echo this idea and when Obama and the Pentagon disagreed with Hilary Clinton over her proposed and quite unworkable and ridiculous strategy to imposed enforce a “no fly zone” over Syria the media pointed this out.

Hilary’s no fly zone, that would have impeded Putin’s airforce that was acting in defence of Syria by invitation of its democratically elected head of state was a clumsy and terrifying gambit.

Shortly after the second campaign debate, it became clear to many exactly what sort of a threat to world stability Hilary Clinton would be.

Any half intelligent person could see that throughout the history of her political interaction with President Putin Hilary Clinton’s inability to GET ON with Putin was extremely obvious. In fact she seemed to be deliberately winding him
up and baiting him.

But her ill thought through suggestion of a no fly zone enforced on Russian flights over Syria could easily, even though something as simple as carless pilot error have taken the west to war with Russia and could have placed us into a game of nuclear brinkmanship with a principal nuclear player.
As the Clinton campaign had spent over one billion dollars through the MSM pushing the idea and memes that were employed to push the message that Trump “could not be trusted with the nuclear codes” it became obvious to any sane person that it was IN TRUTH Hillary Clinton whose actions and strategy were the TRUE NUCLEAR THREAT.
It was clear that her ideas were a reversion back to a cold war playbook and that she was intellectually old fashioned and limited (and not old fashioned in a nice way, like your granny) but that she was and would be aggressively pushing a foreign policy that took us back decades to the old cold war-games and losses of earlier years.

Such actions and that strategy would have benefited only a handful of people. Those who manufacture weaponry for profit… and almost certainly the Clintons.

At Camelot Castle we monitored the majority of communications and realisations that the various Trump and Clinton support bases were having during the election campaign through our data analysis algorithm. The realisation that it was Hillary that was the bellicose candidate and the true nuclear threat to this planet was the “TIPPING POINT CONCEPT”.

It allowed the swing Trump voters and many Sanders supporters and blue and white collar voters to understand the simple fact that the POTENTIAL FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA UNDER A CLINTON PRESIDENCY was not in their best interests.

This allowed them to put aside other factors in their minds that would prevent them from casting their vote for Trump.
This simple idea became the key tipping point meme internationally and at home in the USA.

Twitter and social media was buzzing with this concept in the weeks just prior to election day.

Principally as it WAS the truth, but it also exposed and dissolved the falsehood and ONE BILLION DOLLAR LIE AND FALSE NARRATIVE that “A future President Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear codes.”

To date, the only international media that has accurately spotted that this, the US blue-collar antipathy to Hilary Clintons bellicose intentions towards Russia, that won the White House, has been the Russian local media which noted it shortly after the election.

But the winning voters in the USA understood clearly that a vote for Hillary was a vote for WAR with RUSSIA and they voted against that outcome.

This unassailable fact was reported well – but ONLY in Russia.


The old, stale, musty, Clinton cold war narrative had long passed its sell by date and the people of the USA were just not buying it.

The people of Russia too, were, and are, hopeful of improved friendship between the two leaders and their countries.
And there is today some disappointment in Russia among its people, that the potential friendship between Russia and the USA has been unnecessarily hampered by the quite absurd Russia collusion narrative and groundless investigations into a fantasy Russia collusion that have been instigated by those who like to profit from unnecessary wars.

There was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Were there people all over the world including millions in Europe and Russia that wanted Trump to be President? Yes there were. But was there Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – Unequivocally NO.

The people of this world do not want war between Russia and the USA and that is ultimately the tipping-point reason that President Trump gained the needed support to win the White House.

The loss of the election by the elites, one would have thought, would cause a serious review of strategy from the losing side.

But incredibly the failing narrative that cost them the election is being pushed harder.

Their loss has not stopped the elites from attempting to conjure out of thin air from invented falsehoods a narrative that pretends that Russia in some way intervened in the USA election process.

The idea that Putin in some way attempted to intervene in the US election is simply untrue.

That narrative and false story is being pushed by a tiny handful of people that profit from unnecessary war.

This is purely an simply a fight for evil profit. Profits made by a handful of people who think they win from starting wars through covert means.

We are not witnessing a new game here. This is the game of nation states that has been being played out for centuries and decades in its current form.

But we ARE witnessing its END.

Social media and new technology in communications IS the THE BOLT FROM THE BLUE that this small powerful cabal did not anticipate.

Without his social media accounts, in our view, the 45th President would never have been elected and would not have survived the first year of his presidency.

Without social media he would not have survived in the game.

The 45th President is in the white house due to the fact that he handles communication extremely well and has an extremely evolved understanding of social media and its potentials to help positive change.

For the first time we have in the White House a President who wants to be friends with Russia and with China and to conduct Fair and positive commerce and to work closely with all the positive countries on earth to resolve problems with maximum effectiveness and speed.

The 45th President is not a war monger or irrational in relation to Foreign policy.

He is sane.

If we as his friends and allies do our part and help him get his message out and his communication heard, we will all witness the greatest era of positive growth and a renaissance of all life across the world.

We are witnessing the beginning of the unraveling of a corrupt ruling elite that have had this planet enslaved to their very subtle and special evil form of criminal corruption for decades.

We hope that you will help get this truth out to as many people as you can.

For we all have a stake in the survival of our world.

Christmas is the time for loving.

Christmas it the time that the Lord our God gave us his only son out of His love for humanity. A son that would take on human form to take on board all the sins of the world for the forgiveness of mankind.

It was an extraordinary, eternal, act of love.

This Christmas my wife Irina and I ask you to ask yourselves and others one question:

What IF the USA and RUSSIA could indeed be Friends?

I am sure you will join us in wishing President Trump President Putin and President Xi Jinpin a very very Merry Christmas.

We look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming months and years.